SQL server connection issue

I am trying to connect to SQL server database at my workplace and I am running into issues. I have downloaded the SQL server driver from microsoft and copied the jdbc41.jar to the KNIME/plugins folder and have set the preferences option to refer to that file in FILE>Prefrences>KNIME path. I am getting the following error.

Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: Login failed for user currentuser ClientConnectionId:9fed5284-ffb0-4645-bc4d-b64e6e0d8bf0

What am I missing ?

You need to install JDBC form KNIME installation not the way you used.
Go to HELP/ Install New Software … and search for SQL JDBC.

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Thanks for your response , I tried to look for SQL jdbc in the software list but was not able to see any listing, do I have to select a particular option from the dropdown ?

Try to use option --All Available Sites-- in Work with: drop down.

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Is there any particular reason why you downloaded this driver cause to my knowledge you do not have to add additional driver for connecting to Microsoft SQL Server. Try removing this driver and then connect to your database.


Thanks for the response. I was not aware of the help>install software>Available Sites option and was looking to install MS SQL driver. After the advice I got in this thread I am able to install SQL driver and connect to the database.

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