SQL Server connection : TDS protocol stream is not valid


So far I have been successful querying a company SQL Server using the DB Connector and the ‘Official Driver For MS SQL Server’ downloaded from as an extension. Now, however, as I am operating from home, some sort of a timeout seems to kick in and anything other than very small queries stop with:

Execute failed: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: The TDS protocol stream is not valid.


For some reason I have never been able to successfully connect using either the SQL Server Connector or the jDTS driver, so I don’t seem to have much other options than getting this one to work.

Any suggestions as how to fix it?

can you please provide the full error message. You should find it in the KNIME log file.
Please be sure to not include any sensitive information into your reply such as host, database and user names.

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