SQL Server Date Column Read as VARCHAR

I have a SQL Server 13 “DATE” type column which either the Microsoft SQL Server Connector or the DB Table Selector node is converting to “VARCHAR”. The input type mapping is set to the default of DATE : → LocalDate → Local Date in both nodes. I also tried to add a DB query node and cast back to DATE, however the DB Data Spec Extractor node continues to show this as “VARCHAR”.

Ultimately, I am trying to filter rows based on date restrictions, but the only DB row filters allowed are string comparators.

Is there a way to cast back to “DATE” prior to extracting all rows with DB reader?

Make sure you have Microsoft JDBC on configuration not jTDS.


This is helpful. I was using the jTDS driver. However, now my problem is that neither the “Official” 9.4.0 nor 7.2.0 JDBC drivers are allowing me to connect.

In JDBC Parameters tab add parameter
integratedSecurity true


Perfect. Thank you so much!

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