SQL Server JDBC driver URL path template error

I am currently using KNIME’s out-of-the-box SQL Server DB Connector in a workflow I’ve created using KNIME Desktop. My queries appear to run, but so slowly as to be useless. (As a check I also have run them outside the KNIME environment in DBeaver and they return results almost instantaneously.) I have tried to configure and use the Microsoft JDBC driver, but I consistently get a JDBC URL template error. Has anyone had any success with Microsoft’s driver, or, are we stuck with jTDS?
P.S. I have not yet tried to use the generic Java DB Connector with the Microsoft JDBC driver. (That may be the answer.)


Hi @mattyseltz,

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To use the official Microsoft JDBC driver you can install the Extension KNIME Microsoft JDBC Driver For SQL Server – KNIME Hub

Afterwards you should be able to select between different drivers:

Does this solve your issue?



Yes, thank you! Happy New Year.

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