SQLite connector does not work ( L1-DS Final Assessment Workflow )

"Hello everyone,

I am currently taking the L1 certification exam and I am experiencing issues reading data from an SQLite database using the DB Table Select Node in my workflow. Although the SQLite connector node shows a green light, I receive an error message stating “No table or view defined”. Could you please help me understand the reason for this error?"

Hi @Huseyn and welcome to the forum. Glad to see you taking the L1 Certification!

Can you please post the configuration you’re currently using in the DB Table Selector, as well as the full text of the warning / error messages you see in the log?

@ScottF , Thank you very much for you help . I added the configution settings as a picture and the full error is No table or view defined As far as I undersand the SQLight does not send the data to DB Table Select node.

On your third screenshot, the settings tab of the DB Table Selector, you need to click the “Select a table” button (or type in the table name) so the node knows which table to work with.


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