SSH Connection and OTP Passcodes

Hello Knimers,

Since last year I created a small workflow to pull data from different servers (what used to be a manual process using the WINSCP application that required the server information, login credentials to pull the data logs)

Thanks to KNIME I was able to automate that process a bit with the use of two nodes:

SSH Connection

The first node (SSH Connection) I configured with the host name (name of the server I needed to connect to) and the respective user and password.

The second node is configured with the source folder (path where the logs.txt files are located) and where to put them (target folder for the copy of the logs)

This worked like a charm until the company that I work for implemented a new authentication method that requires, besides username and password, a 6 digit passcode that changes every minute (from SecureAuth) and now I get an “authentication failed” error message, which makes sense since I am not authenticating properly (username + password + 6-digit passcode).

The question is:
Are you guys familiar with any solution I could implement to either input that 6 digit code manually or something that could be directly integrated into the workflow? I do have access to the code generator and it works fine if I go back to the manual process I mentioned at the beginning.


Thank you in advance for all your suggestions. Go KNIME!

If you’re going the manual route, perhaps the Integer Widget or Integer Configuration will help you. Widgets run on the WebPortal will allow you to enter information there as well. Configuration nodes will not. If you are running things from your workflow, configuration nodes are usually more convenient, otherwise use widget nodes.

If you’re not familiar with those nodes, here is a recently published article covering the topic: The Wonderful World of Widgets! A Mini-Guide for using KNIME Widget Nodes | KNIME


I have been trying for the past couple of days to integrate your suggested nodes (configuration or widget) to include the OTP codes without success, I hope to bring a good update soon. Thank you Victor.

Hi @Barajas , it sounds like an MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). I don’t think the SSH Connector supports that (Legacy or newest node).

@victor_palacios , I’m not sure how the xxx Widget or xxx Configuration nodes would work. The problem is, how would send these xxx Widget or xxx Configuration values be sent as the SecureAuth? And they would probably need to be sent during the SSH Connection (username + password + 6-digit passcode).

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@bruno29a That is exactly the scenario, authentication (username + password + 6-digit passcode) to connect to the server and download the files. I am currently reading the documentation for other FTP connectivity options.

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