ssh connection / download : cannot save to workflow embedded path

Hi Guys,

me again on the ssh connection topic :smiley:

this time, i have a strange experience in downloading a file to


a fully qualified path works

but not the workflow embedded path; ERROR Download 2:227 Execute failed: Illegal char <:> at index 86: C:/Users/HVereyck/Downloads/_binaries/knime_4.0.0.win32.win32.x86_64/knime_4.0.0/knime:

any ideas on why this would be ?


Hi @hermyknime

Sadly the knime:// protocol is not supported in the Target folder field.

You can however implement a workaround using the Explorer Browser node.

You can take a look at this workflow:

Hope this helps!


Thx for the work around!

however, it would be cool to have a more gracefull error, right?
– it doesn’t even come close to give a hint as what is wrong :smiley:


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