SSH Connection node

Hi guys,

My new year's resolution was to get our  MySQL database, which requires SSH authentication, into the KNIME, and work with the data there.

Everything was fine, with the help of the SSH Connection node I could easily set up the connection, but I have no idea how to proceed. I can now set up the SSH connection to our server, but I can't connect the SSH Connection node to let's say the good old Database Reader node

Can you please help how to work with the database if I can reach it only via SSH connection? I'm sort of new to KNIME, so I might miss here a trick with a node...



Hi Janos, I don't think you need to use the SSH node at all. You can directly connect to your remote database using for example the Database Reader; the host and port is part of the URL and username and password need to be entered in the database configuration dialog. Does this help?