SSH PGP Decryption Set Up


I am new to Knime and completely new to sFTP and PGP. I need to read a PGP encrypted file from an sFTP site and trying to understand how that works.

  1. I used SSH node to make the connection to sFTP site, but I don not know how I can see the folders in sFTP. what node do I need to use?
  2. What set up do I need to use for PGP file?

  1. The files are in JSON format. How do I make the connection among SSH, PGP, and JSON Reader? What is the process flow like?

Hi @spiltan,

the PGP nodes are part of the (awesome) AF Utility Nodes:

Maybe @AnotherFraudUser can help you but your post would be better located in the corresponding Other Community Extensions category.



Hi @spiltan,

To connect to the SSH and list the files just use the file handling nodes


Add file Port on the lower left side (the …) e.g. in the list files nodes and connect to the ssh connection

Same for the download via transfer files

For the PGP decrypt you then just need to select the downloaded pgp file, where the decrypted file needs to be saved (in your case then target file eith .json filetype) and your keyfile/password for the actual decryption


Thank you so much for your responses! The issue was the directory that I was using, now I can see the data. I used the nodes you mentioned to move my data.

Thanks so much for the help!


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