SSL certificates in cacerts in Knime_server

I want to add SSL certificates of an application into knime_server to secure the connection. I have to add certificate to java location /jre/lib/security/cacerts right ? and do i have to restart the server after adding the certificates ?
Can someone please help me on these doubts

Hi @nehabellig,

If you are accessing the application from KNIME Workflows, the SSL Certificate of the application should be added to the cacerts file of the KNIME Executor instead. And in this case a restart of the KNIME Server is not required.

The KNIME Executor comes with its own JRE which is located inside the /plugins directory. There is a youtube video explaining the process.


Hi @temesgen-dadi ,

Thanks for replying. The workflow runs in Knime Analytics Platform of the user locally. But he intends to move the workflow to server and as the certificate is not installed on the server the workflow fails.


Hi @nehabellig ,

Like it’s done for his local KNIME AP, the certificate has to be added to the cacerts file of the KNIME Executor(s). The procedure is similar. You need to first locate where the KNIME Executor is installed and follow the steps from the YouTube video.

The executor could be on the same machine as the KNIME Server in case of single node installation. It could also be on different machine or you could have executors on multiple machines in which case the certificate has to be added for each executors.

Hi @temesgen-dadi ,
Yes this resolved the issue. Thanks!

Thanks for the confirmation @nehabellig.
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