SSL handshake error

I had been using for months a third part driver to connect Knime to SharePoint.
Configuration required some time, but it worked perfectly.
In the last weeks it stopped working and I have the error

Execute failed: Cannot conclude ssl handshake. Cause: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target.

I had this problem before, but I imported the web site certificare in the java environment embedded in knime, and the problem was solved. Now the problem is back.
Any suggestion is really appreciated.

Hi @fabiorancati,

would you be able to provide a stack trace for the exception? Please go to View > Open KNIME log and search (Ctrl/Cmd + F) for the error message and copy it with enough context.


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You probably updated knime and hence the JRE and hence need to import it again?

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At the end I discovered Administrator manually changed the certificate. They provided me info for the new certificate.
After export import of the new certificate everything worked fine again.

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