Stack together 2 tables

I use the `Java Snippet Row Splitter` to seperate my rows so that they can be processed in different workflow branches depending on the contents of the rows. But eventually I want to join the rows back together. I looked at several nodes in the repository but I could not find anything that could merge these rows back together. A join would not make sense because each row is independent from all other rows. I just want to stack two tables with equal column names+types on top of each other to form a new table.


How can I accomplish this in KNIME?

Concatenate (if the order is important, generate before the split an increasing sequence and sort them after concatenate).

Cheers, gabor

PS.: It would be nice to have at least a wiki page where common names of the functionality could be found. For Concatenate probably the following could be used: union, append, rbind and possibly others (like merge, join).

Hi aborg,

this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you :)

And I really agree with you when it comes to terminology. I searched for union, append, glue, stack and others but concatenate did not come to my mind.