Stacked Area Chart: Date-Time Format on X-Axis required


the new Stacked Area Chart node seem to have a serious limitation. It only accepts Date-Time Values for the x-axis but not i.e. simple int-values.

Interestingly, though, when using a string value like “01-2020”, representing MM-YYYY, it doe not flinch.

Real data with MM-yyyy

Index (int) converted to string

Testing the same on the line chart it works like a charm:


Hi @mwiegand ,

we are aware of this problem (internal reference UIEXT-500). Unfortunately, this is a problem of the ECharts library we use for the view. There is an open issue there [Feature] Confidence Band example with xAxis.type and yAxis.type equal "log" · Issue #16744 · apache/echarts · GitHub . If you are on GitHub, leave a +1 there. Maybe it helps.

Thanks for reporting,


@nan thanks for letting me know. However, doesn’t the issue on Github more relate to the following issue I reported?

These two are likely related. Echarts offers categorical and numeric/continuous axes. You can distinguish them by looking at the ticks. For categorical values ECharts places the ticke between values (as kind of a border), such that labels are also between ticks. For numeric axes, ticks and labels are placed exactly under the respective values.
The problem here is that the Stacked Area Chart only supports categorical values. As a result, you see the gaps on the left and right ends, which each are half the with of the space assigned to each value. It is a bit difficult to see with as many values, but if you try with only 3, it is quite obvious.
Talking about categorical values. This also means that you need to make sure that all values are in order and distances between them are equal. ECharts does not take care that the axes resembles time linearly.

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