Stacked Bar Chart: Dis-arrangement of legend - Interactive View OK; Image NOK


I have a stacked bar chart. This bar chart has a legend. When I view the Interactive View of this graph (or of the component view) then everything is fine (don’t mind the text size). But when I export the bar chart as an image (to late be exported into a PNG that is used in a PPTX), then the arrangement of the legend in the image looks differently (centered and stacked perpendicular) and seems to be not effected by using CSS.

What do I have to do that the exported image looks identiocal to the interactive view so that the legend does not “screw my image off”.

Thank you very much. Maik

Hello @Maik_Schlickel ,

what happens if you use the new Bar Chart (Labs) node?

Does it make any difference?

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