Stacked pie chart, multilevel pie chart, stacked doughnut, ...


can something like this:

sunburst stacked pie chart

be easily achieved in KNIME?

Thank you,


It depends on your definition of "easy" :)

The most direct route would be to use a generic javascript based view node. Not my area of expertise, but it is possible to do this using that exact library (or better yet, the equivalent in d3.js, linked below) to build the visualization:

Alternatively, there is a promising thread on stack overflow using polar coordinate in R with ggplot2:

Thank you Aaron,

I think I will go with the Generic JavaScript View which looks simple enough.
I didn't see the d3.js implementation .. good catch.


Hey Jallmer & Aaron, 

Have either of you gotten any d3js implementation straight, I'm very interested in it accomplishing it but I still have trouble using the generic JavaScript based node.