Stanford Tagger is taking very long to execute

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to find some trends using journal-analysis. To do that, I’d like to use the Stanford Tagger and Lemmatizer but the Stanford Tagger needs about an hour to run. Is this normal or can I do anything to speed this up, because I want to analyse a lot of different journals a day over a year.

I am using a JSON Reader to read my JSON Data from the different websites, after that im converting the JSON File into a String and then into a document, which is then given to the Stanford Tagger.
For better understanding I took some screenshots of my settings, the input and the workflow itself.

Thank you already for everyone’s help,
David Werner :grin:

Screenshot (156)
Screenshot (157)
Screenshot (158)
Screenshot (159)

How much processing power (e.g. ram) did you assign to KNIME? You can adjust that in the .ini file
Also it make sense to first clean your data (e.g. first run the filter nodes) before you tag. That reduces the data set size upfront.
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Thanks for your fast response!
I did the changes you recommended and it is working much faster now. :smiley:

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Great to hear that David. Congrats.

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