Start KNIME with an option to choose a workspace


When first installed, KNIME on start up asks which workspace to open. There is an option to make that workspace a default one, which will stop KNIME from asking every time - very convenient.

Twice I encountered a problem where KNIME conistently froze every time while opening a default workspace. I had to re-install it and open a blank workspaces to bypass this problem. So now I don't choose a default workspace, but select the same one every time KNIME starts, just to be safe.

So I was wondering if there is a way to set a default workspace, but have an option to make KNIME ask user to choose a workspace, e.g. holding an Alt key on starting KNIME, or something like that?

That is a nice feature request indeed.

... but unfortunately out of our control. The workspace prompt is handled by the Eclipse framework even before the fist line of KNIME code is executed.

However, you can set the workspace on the command line (or in the knime.ini file) with "-data <workspace>".

Thank you, I tried - but it didn't work.

Do I use / or \ in the path? Do I need to enclose the path in quotes?

Put the path in " " if it has spaces in certainly.  I just tried on windows at a cmd prompt (needed to use cd to move to the KNIME folder as it is not on my PATH variablle):

knime -data "C:\NEW WORKSPACE"

And that has successfully started up KNIME, creating the NEW WORKSPACE folder and workspace in the process


Thank you, that worked. I'll keep it as my emergency recovery procedure.