Startup Warning: OpenMS FileConverter for RAW formats...

One of my desktops has this Startup Error
“OpenMS FileConverter for RAW formats depends on ProteoWizard. Not all dependencies found. Try our prerequisits installer here first. If it does not help, consider installing ALL redistributables from here.”

The first link goes to a webpage with a message that the “Server is temporarily unavailable to service your request”.

I have installed both the exe files from the second link for the X86 and X64 versions of the “Visual Studio 2015,2017,2019 and 2022” redistributable packages.

I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling KNIME after these package installs.

The startup warning persists. Any suggestions? Should this just be ignored, or could it cause issues (and if so then on what nodes / file extensions)?

Hi! Yes, there was a move of the file server. I assume the URL for downloading the dependency installer package starts with “”? Please replace it with “”.

If the startup only complains about FileConverter, only the FileConverter node will be affected. If that is the case and you cannot get it to work, you can also convert vendor formats (*.raw, *.d, …) outside of KNIME with a separate installation of ProteoWizard.

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That adjustment to the link address helped me to access and install the update, however the startup message remains…

Thanks for trying though!

Edit - I posted what I believed was a solution having installed Open MS / reinstalled KNIME, but it the startup error came back after I installed all of the KNIME Extensions.

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