Step over a loop when an error occur

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How can I step over a loop when a inner node catchs an error?
My workflow takes a list of tables names from a manually created table to read the contents of that in a MS Access database. Some MDBs have some missing tables, and the “DB Table Select” node fails. In this cenario I would like to step to the next loop execution.
I’m strugling to figure out how to use the try-catch nodes, but in all the cases I get a error: “Encountered loop-end without compatible head!”
Attached is the original flow without try-catch nodes.

Hi @mpsz,

I think you’re on the right track with using the try-catch nodes. Here is an example on the Hub that uses the try-catch nodes to handle missing tables in Hive or Impala.

Hope that helps!

Wali Khan

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@wkhan ,

Almost there. Looks like DB Table selector is not throwing the correct error to catch.

WARN DB Table Selector 3:26 net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessSQLException: UCAExc:::4.0.4 user lacks privilege or object not found: TB_OFF


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Solved using using “DB SQL Executor” node before “DB Table Selector”.



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