Stepwise regression AIC/BIC

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Please what tool can I use in KNIME for Stepwise Regression?
Thank you very much.

Also please how can i get the R- squared value from a target variable and predicted variable in string format? I can’t select the target variable and predicted variable column in the numeric scorer tool because the data type is string and when I try to change the data type to double the column becomes “???”. Please see image below.

Please assist. Thank you guys.

Hi @Deffiong -

You can use the Forward Feature Selection and Backward Feature Elimination metanodes to do this. Example workflow here:

I think in your example above, you want to be using the Linear Regression Learner instead of the Logistic Regression Learner. If you right-click on an executed Linear Regression Learner you can view the summary statistics for your independent values, including p-values, as well as overall R-squared. (Logistic Regression is used for classification, and it doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re after.)

If you’re still struggling, maybe upload an example workflow and associated small data file and we’ll work through it.


Thank you very much @ScottF. My aim is actually classification hence using Logistic Regression model.

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