Still "Can't initialize Chrome Driver" - Updates?

Hi there!

I have a KNIME Server Instance running KNIME 4.5 where I want to send an Image in the body of the Email and as an attachment.
Something similar would look like the Workflow I uploaded.
KNIME_initialize_chrome.knwf (25.0 KB)

In both Instances (sending the Image as the body of the Email and sending it as an attachment) I am getting the Error that Chrome can’t be initialized, but only when running it on the server side.

I found a similar Thread created 2 years ago (Could not initialize Chrome driver) but with no fix - so I wanted to ask if anyone knows any updates on this.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Hi @KNIME_uzer,

Thank you for your message and welcome to KNIME Forum.

Unfortunately I could not reproduce your error yet. But I managed to run your sample workflow successfully, both local and on the server. I am not sure if the “send email” component is complete. There is only a python script which creates a flow variable with a random number. Maybe you can provide more information about your issue.


Hi Linh,

thank you for your reply.
Sorry - I wrote the workflow in a hurry. I attached another workflow - but dont see how my Email Configuration (i just passed my credentials and the the image as xml) would affect the Error.
KNIME_initialize_chrome.knwf (23.2 KB)

Do you think I have to change some Parameters on the server side?

Thank you again and have a nice day!

Hi @KNIME_uzer,

You are right, this must be something server related. Probably something is not configured correctly on the server side, or initialization is blocked for some non-KNIME reason. But since there is no obvious answer for that, it would be helpful to have a look in the KNIME executor log file.

Can please share you log file here?


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