stock/bond picking


i d like to build a workflow connected to a some sort of internet db to extract with refreshed data some stock/bond/etf… with some conditions (ex. sort the highest yield in the shortest time). The conditions flow i don t have any issue to build with some nodes (column expression/sorter) but i don t know how to scarp data from a site with a db like this

Do you have any idea?

Thanks so muc

Hi @Pippobaudo89

I think you are looking for API’s to query data from. There are a bunch of those out there for which some also offer free plans.

You can use the REST nodes or Python nodes in KNIME to query those and do whatever you like with the data :wink:

If you want to scrape a particular website which does not have an API you can look at the Webpage Retriever node or, for more advanced interactions, at the Selenium KNIME extension.


ok i have n t used REST nodes before, i only put GET request node and download the API?

sorry for my poor experience !!!

I’m afraid you’ll then have to invest some time and effort into getting familiar with this firsts. That’s not something I can teach you in one forum post. Have a look on the interwebs, there is guidance material out there that can help you get started.

More examples:

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