Stop word filter (external file) doesn't filter the word 'no'



Through 'stop word filter' based on an external file (stop word_knime.txt / follows attached) I am trying to filter the word 'no', but the filter isn't working.


I tried to filter other words (inserted in the same file) and it worked. The problem seems to be with 'no'. Is there something that can be done to solve this?


Ps.: The workflow with stop word filter is attached.


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The Stop Word Filter works and filters out all terms specified in the list. The Problem in your workflow is, that the word "no" occurs sometimes together with brackets "[" or "]". Using the Punctuation Erasure node before the Stop Word Filter node will do the trick. This will clean the no terms with brackets and then filter them (see attached workflow).

Hi kilian,


Many many thanks for the solution!