Stopping hung node after specific time

Dear all,

I have a node that opens an external program.
It should usually terminate and finish the node execution, but sometimes it gets hung.

Is there a way to make the node just fail in case it has not finished after a specific duration of execution? Somehow like the “Chunk Loop Run-for-time” node, but making the loop fail after x seconds if not done.

Thanks a lot.


Hi @Alexander_Metz
Welcome to community!
Did you see “TimeDelay Loop Start”? :thinking:


Hi FtmhRahimi,

thanks a lot for your suggestion.

I haven’t used the “TimeDelay Loop Start” before.
This looks like some way to extend a data series by, in some way, predicted valued.
I think this does not help when a node is hung.

My situation is more as, e.g., if there was a script node with an infinite loop, which I want do stop after a certain time.

Hi Alex,

It is not possible to cancel a running node automatically.

But you can measure execution time:



Hi Mehrdad,

thanks a lot.
I was also afraid that it might not be possible.

Maybe someone knows a workaround.

If not, would certainly be a useful to have a workflow control for that, e.g., a timeout loop that just fails after specified time if not done.



Hi @Alexander_Metz and welcome to the forum.

We recently had a feature request for something like this, and we now have a ticket open for it (AP-16531). You have been added as a +1 on that ticket. :slight_smile:


Hi @ScottF ,

that’s great, thanks a lot.

Not exactly sure if I can or should see the ticket?
But I will of course watch the topic here.

The ticket is on our internal tracking system, currently not visible to the public. But I like to include ticket numbers on threads when possible, as a reference point for future searches.


Will you also add me as a plus 1? This is such a critical feature. ie: I have a db connector node that takes a long time with no connection and because it is a Teradata JDBC I am unable to set a loginTimeout. If I would have had an option to halt the node after a certain time it will be great! for now my workflow just keeps running until I halt it. Thanks!!!

Hi @datanumbers and welcome to the forum. I’ve added a +1 from you - if any progress is made on this feature request we will be sure to update here.

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