Store node data in different location


is it possible to have Knime save temporary data been saved not in the workflow sub-folder of the workspace?

I could use Don’t save start and end nodes to mitigate consuming unnecessary disk space but the data would be inevitably lost.

Decoupling the data storage from the workflow / workspace folder might also positively impact performance. I noticed a significant improvement by just saving temporary files on a separate SSD.

Enabling the OS to leverage the full throughput of the root device while temp data is saved on a 2nd and final data on a 3rd would be very interesting to verify, wouldn’t it?

PS: The Don’t save start node does not work with note w/o incoming ports like file reader.


As a workaround you could have your workflow folder on a different drive. Since you probably want to retain the workflow folder though on the original drive/path, you could then create a link to said external storage?

Hi @docminus2,

I was literally thinking about decoupling the temporary data being saved from the actual workflow directory in the workspace because saving temp data is most IOPS / throughput consuming.


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