Store String Manipulation (Multi-Column) results in Original Dataset

Hi Everyone!

I’ve a set of transaction data. I need to replace all products with an ID, which I did with String manipulation node (Multi-column). Now I need to it to be in original data.


I followed the above logic. At the end of executing the above loop, I ended up getting a very big dataset. (copies of dataset)

String manipulation (outside loop) have only 2 columns ID associated with product.

Thanks in advance…

You could try the joiner node

It might be necessary to preserve a row id to bring information back to a specific line.

Maybe you can elaborate further what the problem is.

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I need to replace products with product IDs. I have a transaction dataset, which contains only product names. I have extracted unique products from all transactions and assigned product IDs to every product.

Now I need to replace product with product IDs in original dataset. Instead of product names I need IDs in dataset.

At first this would sound like a job for the joiner node. Joining the IDs you have back to the product names.

But something tells me this might not be the end of the story.

A small example could go a long way to understand the problem if it is not solved by the joining.


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