Storing a Data File inside the Workflow Data Area – KNIME Community Hub

In order to export/deploy/share your workflow accessing data from a file (CSV/XLS/TSV/..) you have to attach the data to the workflow. This is the equivalent of using relative paths (for example "../folder_name/file_name.csv"). There are different ways to do this. In this example we use the Workflow Data Area settings in the new File Handling nodes. When adopting this strategy your workflow will not need to be reconfigured when the reader nodes fail as the file path is wrong on someone else's system. Anyone downloading your workflow will be able to open and execute on the fly regardless if the workflow was shared from : - KNIME Server - KNIME Hub - an email via the .knwf or .knar format - ... and so on ---- Other legacy ways to do this: - same approach of this example but using KNIME URL relative path ("knime://knime.workflow/data/file_name.csv") and/or - (outside of KNIME Analytics Platform) locate with your file system the workflow inside the workspace, open the folder with the workflow name, placing the “file_name.csv” in the “data” folder (or create such a folder if it is not already there). Then read via settings “Relative to:” and “Workflow Data Area” or KNIME URL (knime://knime.workflow/data/file_name.csv)

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Thanks! I was wondering where the file was, turns out it is in the workflow itself!