Strange column compare.....

Hi all,

I'm a little bit ..... perplexed !!

First table looks like :

Col0        Col1
Green     345,265,458
Yellow     9345,2754, 456, 234

Second table :

Col0      Col1
345        Yellow
456        Yellow
234        Yellow
345        Green
567         Blue

and must identify :

if First table (partof) Col1 = Second table Col0 and First table Col0 like Second table Col1, do something.......

It shoudl be ~100 value in First table Col1 and ~20'000 row in Second table......

How to optimize so it not takes.....Hours !!!

;-) Mitch


That may depend on what you mean with "do something". But for most cases that looks like a basic Ungroup/Joiner combo or a Joiner/Rule-based Row Filter combo to me. Yeah, granted, the join is expensive, but it's just 20,000 rows. I don't think you have to optimize, but if you want to, you have to use some "extra" property of the data. E.g. if every entry in table1-col0 is guaranteed to appear only once, you could try a Cell Replacer/Rule-based Row Filter combo.