Strange looking Dates in Line Plot

Good Afternoon everyone,

I am writing to you, because I’m having strange looking line plots and don’t know where it is coming from.
I am happy about everyone which has a suggestion what I could improve.

The Plot look like this:

You can see in this plot on the X-Axis a date type variable and on the Y-Axis an Integer.

The Workflow for generating this plot looks like this:

I wonder why the plot looks so strange, and could imagine that it has something to do with my GroupBy function.

The GroupBy function has the following settings:

Maybe I have a thinking Mistake, but I am building the Median of the Sleeping_Day, because I want to have in the Grouped Dateset also a Date type variable for plotting it properly.
When I select first as the aggregation function for the date, the plot looks much better, only at the beginning it has some strange line again, as you can see here:

Does someone have an Idea where this behavior is coming from?
Also, if you have some recommendation how I should better process my data for plotting it good, please feel free to advise any time :slight_smile:

I wish you a nice rest of the day. Kind regards, Alex

What does your actual data look like?

Hi @schalex

Try to put the Domain Calculator before the LinePlot node.

Gr. Hans

Dear @elsamuel and @HansS,
I wanted to prepare a minimum example to share and found my mistake.

During the GroupBy, the Sorting got changed. I did not know that the Line plot needs a sorted List by the X-Axis in order to have it plotted correctly. But it is a bit of logic :slight_smile:
Now after sorting it by date, before plotting, everything looks very nice:

Thank you for your fast answers and have a good evening.
Greetings Alex


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