Strange problem when develop custom node with KNIME

I meet a strange problem.
I used some function in jsoup.jar in my custom node, and debug successful in KNIME SDK.
Export to jar(custom node) and copy into KNIME, Jsoup’s functionality didn’t work and no issue also, I am very confused.
Does anyone can help me?

Is your jsoup.jar in a lib folder in your project? If so, did you add it to both source and binary builds in the build tab of the

Also, did you add it to the classpath in the runtime tab:


still can not work.
From your snapshot, I found you have a folder named “OSGi-INF”. but not in my project, is this a problem for my case?

Hi Steve,
I fixed this issue, case by vmargs, this jar library need to set one param to false.
Thanks for your reply.