Streaming data capabilities, and audio data support?

Does KNIME support streaming data capabilities, and audio data support?

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There is an extension available containing nodes for audio processing and speech recognition:

Hope that answers your question.



there is a node ‘List audio files’ for reading audio file formats. Does it reads all the formats mentioned in Java sound guide?
If Yes, Is there anything else supported ,which is not mentioned in java sound guide?

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As for the Java Sound guide, it provides a comprehensive list of the formats KNIME supports - the Analytics Platform uses the Java Sound API directly.

Can the audio that we record ourselves and in the .wav format be input into the audio files list node?
I tried audio with the .wav format but there was an error Execute failed: javax.sound.sampled.UnsupportedAudioFileException: file is not a supported file type

That should work. The error that you’re seeing is usually what occurs when you try to load something that’s not of AIFF, AU, or WAV format.

How are you creating the file? Do you have a sample that you could post here that recreates the problem?

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thanks for feedback sir, i use file recording that format is .wav
but i can’t import to knime because an error javax.sound… my question,there aee spesification or step to do to make audio before we us in knime sir?

It’s possible here that a bug in KNIME is blocking the ability to read your WAV file, but it’s also possible there is something wrong with the file itself. That’s why I was hoping to get an example WAV file from you that reliably reproduces the problem, so we can find out exactly what’s going on.

In theory, you shouldn’t have to do anything with a WAV file before importing it - I just checked myself with one from my own system and it worked fine. So something else is going on in this case.

sir @ScottF , there is an example sound or voice that i want to use in knime, but error when i upload

(Edit: see below for update)

After some additional investigation, it turns out that the sample provided, despite its extension, is not a WAV file (uncompressed PCM audio). It’s an MPEG AAC encoded audio file. So there’s not a bug here - it’s just that the List Audio Files node doesn’t support that file type.

but the format data is .wav sir, i think should find any source that format is .wav
thanks sir…

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