String into expression


Is there a way to convert a string into script written in String Manipulation node?

My goal is to pull few rules from an excel file and process them using string manipulation.

For eg - If i pull “join($var1$,$var2$)” from my excel column, Is it possible to process them by concatenating $var1$ and $var2$?

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Yes, it will work. If you have 3 columns table var1, var2 and rule
Submit join($var1$,$var2$) inside variable, say Rule to String Manipulation node and in String Manipulation node on flow variable tab for expression choose Rule.
On string manipulation tab uncheck Syntax check on close as far your input is empty

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I also need to dynamically set my column name in the append section after executing through string manipulation.

In this case,

I have two tables,

Table 1 :

UniqueColName rule FieldName
X1 join($var1$,$var2$) Standard1
X1 join($var3$,$var4$) Standard2

Table 2 :

UniqueColName var1 var2 var3 var4
X1 a b c d
X1 e f g h

My expected Output :
UniqueColName Standard1 Standard2
X1 ab cd
X1 ef gh

Can you please let me know how to curate this data in knime?

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