String Manipulation: Convert to List / Set Function


there are currently only two options allowing to create a list / set. Either using the Cell Splitter or Regex Extractor from Selenium Nodes.

The Cell Splitter as one major limitation respectively requires addition column name treatment as well since a split result suffix is appended. Contrary to that the Regex Extractor from Selenium allows to define Columns names via named groups like so:

^(?<Column Name 1>my string)(?<Column Name 2>another string)$

Complementary to the other “Convert Type” functions in the String Manipulation node, I’d like to suggest to add “convertList” and maybe “convertSet” as well.

Imagine you have a string with line breaks and you want to separate the individual lines. That would significantly improve the efficiency.


Hey @mwiegand ,

thanks for all of your feedback. For this one there might already be a solution. The split(string, separator) function of the Column Expressions – KNIME Community Hub seems to be what you are looking for.

Hope it helps,