String Manipulation does work only from job exe


all my job that has String Manipulation does not works anymore only when is the server scheduler to execute the workflow , same workflow it works when I run manually !

Any idea ?

Hi @geppopompo,

this problem is most likely due to the fact that the temp folder was cleaned up while the executor was running - this is a Bug with the internal reference number AP-16545.

The explanation: The String Manipulation node saves its expression in the temp folder. External Software might clean up the temp folder from time to time, thus the String Manipulation node does not work anymore.

The workaround: restart the Executor and/or find the external program that tidies up the temp folder and stop it from doing that.

The resolution: This Bug is fixed with the newest release - so with the next update this should not occur anymore.

Thanks for reporting!

Best Regards,

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yes yesterday I restarted the server and it works again




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