String Manipulation error message - Different behaviour of v.4.0.1 vs v.3.7

Dear Community,

maybe you could help me what is going on and what potentially evident step i miss.
Formerly in v.3.7 i had a case when i listed files from sharepoint, and manipulated the returned URIs before downloading one file from the list (Sharepoint Library Connection node => List Remote Files node => String Manipulation nodes).
I am trying to do the same now, but listing files from Knime Server (Knime Server Connection node => List Remote Files node => String Manipulation nodes) - doing this in most recent version v.4.0.1 of Knime.

The difference between the 2 methods is only Knime Server Connection vs Sharepoint Library Connection, but in fact both returns URI - therefore i would not say there is any difference :slight_smile:

Formerly, in v.3.7 i could directly run the String Manipulation on the URI. Now i get error message (see below).
I am getting the same error even after force-converting URI into String.

Can you please help explaining what is the difference between v.3.7 and v.4.0.1, and how to overcome this strange behaviour?
I tried string() function on all parts within the String Manipulation’s expression just to double-check, but i get same error.

Thank you in advance,

A small additional info, which makes me think this is (was) some inherent bug of Knime.

I tried same again with old method (connecting to List Files node, which produces URL in String format) => same error i got. This worked yesterday :slight_smile:

Therefore i restarted knime. And now no error message appears.
I still believe this is is some bug, i just dont really understand what caused it and how to reproduce.


The error was not related to the data but rather to a KNIME internal problem (for some reason it was unable to find bundled components that are part of KNIME.) The ol’ “please restart” voodoo seems to have sorted it out for you, at least.

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