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Good evening guys, how are you ?

Is there any node that can identify a word that follows in a column, and change it to the correct one.

Example: 3/4 would need to be MEDIUM - 3/4

Hello @Gabriel2020

Please try such a short workflow

Also attached.
String_manipulation.knwf (12.0 KB)

I hope this might help you.
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Hi @Kazimierz,
Good solution! An alternative might be to not split the table at all, but just use the String Manipulation node with the replace() function: replace every occurrence of “3/4” by “MEDIUM - 3/4” and you get the same result, but with 1 node instead of 4.
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Hi @Gabriel2020

Or use the RuleEngine node :grinning:.

gr. Hans


Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn
On one hand you are right - it could be simplified.
On the other - we don’t know what are possible combinations of ‘3/4’ and other characters. Thus, @Gabriel2020 might need to adapt any proposed solution to his expectations.
Happy KNIMEing,

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Thanks a lot guys, both solutions suit me. I had previously used string manipulation, but I thought there was another node with this function.


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