Good afternoon everyone, how are you?

I would like everyone’s help with this process, I will explain in detail what I need and I will send the model and the necessary information.

I have general forecast volume information (demand forecast) and I need to carry out vehicle programming based on this volume. Example for 12/09 we have a forecast of 12000 thousand packages, based on my vehicle capacity I will need a trailer and a truck for example. Because my trailer carries 8 thousand and my truck carries 4 thousand packages.

And I need this information to be placed in 2 lines, one with a trailer and one with a truck with your demand information.

I ask for everyone’s help, it is extremely important. I’m counting on you !!

In the model below I leave the forecast table, capacity and the model I would like it to look like when finished.

KNIME_project2.knwf (11.2 KB)

First an apology - my Spanish is poor at best which may contribute to my confusion.

  1. What is your ultimate goal, i,e, are you trying to optimize the number of trips?
  2. Your vehicle table has two of each type of vehicle, each of different capacity. Shouldn’t you differentiate between them, like this?
    Vehicle Tabke
  3. Final example routing table doesn’t seem to align with the description in your post. You/re only using one vehicle.
  4. Can the trucks be loaded and also pull a trailer?
  5. Are all the routes short enough that you can use the largest truck to move everything in one day with multiple trips?
    I’ll probably have more questions but I’m stuck until I can get clarity on these.

I managed to do it in another way.

Congrats. Good for you.

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if possible it makes sense to share your solution here so the community can benefit and learn as well


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