String Manipulation (Multi Column) - differing behaviour to the regular node

It seems that the String Manipulation node operates on variables of other type than string, whereas the Multi Column version doesn’t. For instance, I can change a date to a string in String Manipulation node, but not for multiple columns in one go.

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Hello @pzkor,

this is known issue. See here:



Thanks. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I hope so too @pzkor! The String Manipulation (Multi Column) would be a massively more useful general purpose node if this bug (and I feel it is a bug!) were fixed.

If there is some technical reason it cannot be fixed then having the ability to filter included columns by data type would make sense, or… just like the Math Formula node does… , it shouldn’t be allowed to “see” any columns of data types that break it.

As it stands, I generally precede it with a column splitter or column filter to do the job of filtering out the columns it cannot handle, and then column-append the filtered columns afterwards.

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