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Hi, I have a column with a mix of letters, numbers and special characters, all in various positions. See image below.

I need to remove the letters, and most special characters leaving only the numbers but if there are spaces between the numbers I want to keep that.
ex. starting cell is 35377659 (main) / 35429370 / 21703523
want it to look like: 35377659 35429370 21703523

Is this possible with string manipulation?

Thank you for help in advance!

Yes, using a regular expression replacement function like so:


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thank you so much! One last question… I have a row that is like 89765845,7535452 and when I use that regex you provided it joins that altogether. How can I have it leave a space? Or is that not possible?

Hello ahortonmilsig,

I don’t think you can fit that into the regex in a single node.
Instead in a node before this regex, you can use

replace($Sold To$,","," ")


Perhaps the simplest way would be to precede the above String Manipulation node with another String Manipulation node that first takes care of commas between numbers:

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