String manipulation.Replace

Hello all. I use String manipulation node with such expression: regexReplace($Description$, “.?(\d+(.\d+)?)\s(uF|nF|pF).*”, “$1”), but it doesn’t replace anything and simply return the same string.
Example of initial string: COQ X7S 10.0 uF 50V 10% 1210 ST FLEX. I need to extract the value before uF, in this case it is 10.0

Hi @mak_782,

here is a possible solution to your problem using the regex extractor.

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Raffaello Barri

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Thank you. But Knime couldn’t find extension for using Regex Extractor

Hello @mak_782

If extracting the substring “10.0” from the test string, “regex split node” can be used.
regex.knwf (7.0 KB)


You can get it from here:

Regex Extractor — NodePit

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Hello @mak_782,

Please correct your expression:

It worked with a small change in your expression.

I’ve also attached images for your reference.


Screenshot 2024-04-15 184333



Screenshot 2024-04-15 184353