String manipulation&transposing the table

Hi all,

I am very new to Knime and I was trying to search for similar problem but could’t find anything.

I have 3 issues I am not sure how to resolve and if possible to resolve in KNIME at all.

I have a table that looks like this:

total wk 3/2020 (13/1) wk 4/2020 (20/1)

Product1 10 15
Product2 12 13
Product3 11 7

  1. I need the first row to look like either purely date (13/1/2020) or week.year (03.2020). I could not find a node to manipulate row not a column
  2. I need to remove the content of 1:1 cell (word Total)
  3. I need my table look like this in the end:

Product1 03.2020 10
Product1 04.2020 15
Product2 03.2020 12
Product2 04.2020 13
Product3 03.2020 11
Product3 04.2020 7

Probably I need to change the order of actions to achieve it or it is not possible to do at all. But I would very appreciate any help/links to similar questions


Here’s a workflow that recreates the output:

String manipulation and table tranpose.knwf (49.4 KB)

Basically, I unpivoted the original data, then did a few manipulations to extract a usable date, then I renamed all the columns.


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