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If my input file contain 100 fields and i want to write different transformation logic for each field den do i need to apply string manipulation node 100 times.I have seen the option of string manipulation( multi column) in version 4.2.0 but it will select those 100 field and apply the same logic.but i need to write different logic to each field.Kindly suggest.I am trying to implement below logic(as of now for 2 fields) but it is throwing error.

Use Column Expression node.

can see column expression node


You need to install it from


Hi @sahil786,

you can add this through

or at least one of the Knime Labs extensions - it is great either way to check what expensions can be added - normally I add everything which sounds remotely interesting :slight_smile:


Thank u …It is working for me

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great! if there are any questions then do not hestitate to ask :stuck_out_tongue:

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