String Manipulation

Hello all,
I need your help with some string manipulation. I am trying to extract some specific value from a text. My column goes like this
;|X2C1231890000|Shape not found||||A1010.FindShape||2

I want to extract the A1010 part only. There are 5 characters in A1010 but sometimes there are 6 or 7 max.
Also anything after that ‘.’ can have multiple characters. This is just an example.

I tried using string manipulation node but no luck with that. Maybe doing something wrong. Can anyone help me as to I can solve this problem?

Hi @uix14972

Assuming the number of |-characters is always the same, the String Replacer node with an appropriate regular expression may do the trick:


edit: in case you want to copy-paste the regex:


Nice. I might try to replace my 4 string manipulation nodes with one using this.
Currently I have been using replace($Group 1$,"/","_")
Then change the “/” with “:” or “” for the next node.
This is so I can generate a file name that can be created and saves.
Certain characters do not.
Sorry to thread hi-jack.

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