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Good morning people, everything fine ?

I would like to create a column where it tells me what is different from empty compared to the columns VUC, medion3/4, cart, truck. can you help me?

Hi @Gabriel2020 ,

You will need a library to say what kind is any data that you have.

Example: What define me a toco, carreta and truck value? The medio column? If does, you can use a cell replacer or rule engine to ser a column for you.

If you can put a workflow example here, will be better too.



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Denis, thank you so much for helping me.

I think I didn’t make it clear, but below is the workflow. each originxdestination needs to have 5 type of vehicle, which are the ones that it includes as a column.

KNIME_project7.knwf (65.7 KB)

A validation that compare the columns value and set the result as unique?

KNIME_project7-CHECK.knwf (121.9 KB)


Thanks Denis, I had one more question if you managed to help me I posted it too

sure! open a new info here and call me to see it

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this is this link, can you help me denis

ok, i’m going to there… for this topic, you can mark solved and continue by there, pls?



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