String Match Group Loop Start

Hi everyone I am trying to make a string match (addresses) of two datasets using the String Matcher node, but the real dataset are quite big so I need to split in groups the data by a variable called “Country”, so I can match the addresses of country A of dataset 1 versus the addresses of country A of dataset 2. I was trying to make this workflow, but I came with the following error “Can’t merge FlowVariable Stacks (likely a loop problem)”

I came with a solution using another node using the String Similarity node

Despite of the above solution I want to check my results with the String Matcher, so I beg if anyone can help me with that solution.

String Match Group Loop Start.knwf (68.1 KB)


Hi @salazachou

For every loop start you need to have a loop end, that’s the error in your upper screenshot.

Don’t know if that is applicable to your real-life data, but could you include a Row Filter node for the second data source, and use the flow variable coming from the Group Loop Start?



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