String Replace: Replace Formatting Classes doesn't work anymore

Hi there,

the once identified solution to deal with invisible aka formatting class characters presumably doesn’t work anymore. The solution was found in:

I can’t exactly determine since when that is happening, though as I happen to notice it only now and invisible characters are quite … invisible but still cause processing issues (i.e. RegEx doesn’t match anymore to extract data).


Hi @mwiegand , do you have another sample of data that is causing problems.

I suspect you have a unicode character belonging to a different “category”. Unfortunately there are a number of categories (as well as “formatting” ) containing “invisible” characters.

Hi @takbb,

this time it’s (I believe) a non-breaking space. Interestingly, when searching for \s in my favorite code editor like Sublime, these characters are matched but Knime refuses to do so.

Bildschirm­foto 2022-12-06 um 15.00.06

It’s almost as Regex in Knime is not quite RegEx.

Edit: Stupid me, it apparently another character class. I thought it’s a reappearing issue, though. Using \p{Z} did result in a replacement. Closing the ticket.


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