String to data error - Column Header


I’m new using this tool and I can’t seem to fix the string to data error - Column Header.

I already switched everything according to my first nodes that ran correctly, but this continues appearing:

ERROR String to Date&Time 3:1070 Execute failed: Failed to parse date in row ‘Row0_Column Header’: Text ‘0’ could not be parsed at index 0

I appreciate any feedfack.



Hi @jmdata

Unfortunately it’s very difficult to help you without seeing the content of that column. There are several reason as to why this node could fail. Could you please provide an example of your data?

You can uncheck the fail on error and see what that does do. The Text 0 will not be a valid date for the pattern you have given.

You can also let KNIME try to select a pattern for you but you can also enter your own ones.

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@ArjenEX @mlauber71 I don’t understand why the first column has my column titles instead of being the column headers.


This is an example of the first node that I ran and as you can see, the column headers and data is read correctly.

@jmdata this now seems to be a local date. So is there still a problem? Maybe you can provide an example.

Edit: is it possible that in the first screenshot the node prior to the string to date node was not executed?

Hello @jmdata ,

I have attached an image of the configuration string for the date and time node. Please refer to it, and consider using the ‘yyyy-MM-dd’ date format.


Screenshot 2024-01-19 101919

As I can see, the first cell is “0” and it will not be possible to convert it to a date dd/mm/yy. Please check all the values of the “Semana” column and if they are strings but like an integer number, you can use the “String Manipulation” node to convert the “0” (for example) to a 6-digit “000000” (you can use padLeft($Semana$, 6, “0”) or padRight($Semana$, 6, “0”) to do this) and then you can use the “String to Date&Time” node and instead to dd/MM/yy. You can write dd/MM/yy and then I hope you will get what you need.