string to date problem dd-MMM-yyyy

Hello Community.

I’m still pretty new to KNIME. I searched around and can’t find a solution to my particular issue. When I import my data files into KNIME the dates always come in as strings and, so far, they are stubbornly staying as strings.

The dates look like this… 01-JAN-2018

I’ve tried setting it to come in as dates within the File Reader node but that doesn’t work. I’ve also tried using the String To Date & Time node. I’ve tried various formats and nothing is working.

Hoping someone can help me out on this.


Try DateExtractor node.

Didn’t work. I can’t even open it to configure. I get an error message saying “The dialog cannot be opened for the following reason: No column in spec compatible to DateAndTimeValue.”. :frowning:

Your need connect the source. If you do not have one, use Table Creator node as source with dates in a text format.

Thanks but I’m confused on this. I don’t see a way to use Table Creator node to bring in my csv file. It looks like the only way to use Table Creator node is to manually type in the data. I’m clearly missing something here.

I got it! The string-to-date/time LEGACY node worked. The new one does not work. Onwards! Thanks for your input.

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Hi @Lee_Francis

the Table Creator node is only useful to create your own tables, as manually entering.
For reading you need the File Reader node or the Excel Reader nodes.

Afterwards the String to dateTime should work. Actually the updated ones is the one we recommend as it has more features than the legacy ones. Could you post me a mini workflow showing where the new one failed?
Than we could investigate and fix the problem.

Best, Iris