String to Date&Time conversion inconsistency (possible bug)

Hi there,

I’m running the latest KNIME version (4.4.2) with time series node: 4.4.0v20210431310.

I have string fields which are dates and in the following format: dd-MMM-yyyy. For example:

However, when I try to use String to Date&Time to convert the string to date, it is unsuccessful for all months except for May. I suspect that why it is successful for May is that it is a 3 character month. Other months come up as errors. See the attached workflow for the test I did:

Date Conversion Error.knwf (26.9 KB)

I look forward to your assistance.

There’s a locale issue with java. Try switching it.


Thanks elsamuel,

I changed my KNIME.INI file to include the following line at the end:

After restarting KNIME I ran the same test and it seems to be working now.


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