String to Date/Time issue

I have a simple workflow attached below that reads a table and converts a date string to date format. The string to Date/Time (legacy) node shows different ages from the string to Date&Time node.
Any explanation? Thanks
Date issue.knwf (325.9 KB)

If you use the same date pattern the results should match


Date issue.knwf (326.1 KB)


Hi @amars -

You have your month and day order switched in the bottom legacy node :slight_smile:


Thank you for providing the workflow. It does help to see my mistake.

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I am wondering, if a post is clearly a personal mistake and it does not help the community, could we permanently delete it?

Hi @amars,

usually topics do not get deleted. You marked it as solved so will be closed soon. Don’t worry.

And you never know, maybe someone else makes identical mistake so it might help :wink:


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